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Kayak Rentals for the Tug Fork River and Laurel Lake

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

To continue promoting fun water activities, the City of Williamson Parks and Recreation has expanded their kayak rental options. Both locals and tourists can enjoy these rental options. Kayaking has been a popular pastime on the Tug Fork River for years, but these rentals make it much more accessible for anyone to enjoy kayaking!

Fun for Visitors and Residents Alike!

“We are excited to go into another season of kayak rentals,” says Jarrod Dean, Executive Director of the City of Williamson Parks and Recreation Commission. “Our river and lake recreation is a new offer to visitors and residents.”

This year, they’ve added rentals at Laurel Lake near Lenore, West Virginia. “We realized that not everyone is comfortable going on the river, so we added rentals to Laurel Lake,” Jarrod says.

Rentals and guided kayak tours are offered at a variety of rates. All-day access at Laurel Lake is offered for $65.00, and an all-day excursion from Matewan to Williamson is $75.00. They offer delivery and pickup, or you can come pick them up yourself. Be sure to check here for West Virginia Kayaking Laws before making plans!

Jarrod and the rest of the board and staff at Williamson Parks and Recreation are excited about what this rental option offers residents and visitors. "This type of creation is great for family and friends,” he says.

For more information about kayak rentals, contact 304-785-7602. Check here for some water safety tips before hitting the water!

You can stay up to date on activities and happenings by following the City of Williamson Parks and Recreation Facebook page.

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