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Life Isn't Perfect, but Your Hair Can Be!

National Beautician Day

For many people, the relationship between themselves and their favorite stylist is a special one. The stylist does their best to make people look good, and we always appreciate their hard work. But it’s not just a one-way love-- the stylists love their clients right back. For National Beautician’s Day, we talked to some stylists in town about their work.

Treating Clients Like Family

For Tonya Cool, who owns Reflections Salon and Spa, the best part of her job is that her clients “become like family.” Stevie Burke, a stylist at Just Teasin and Tannin, says the same thing. “(My favorite thing is)...the interaction with my clients,” He says. “They are like my second family.”

Kelly Warren, also from Just Teasin and Tannin, found herself missing her clients during the COVID-19 shutdown for the same reasons. “The bonds that I have formed with my clients are considered my bonus family. They make my job easy and worthwhile,” She said. “During the pandemic shutdown, I truly missed my work family and my clients.”

Helping Others Feel More Confident

For others, it’s just extra special when they can make someone feel confident. “My favorite thing is to see how happy that I can make someone and how much better they feel,” Says Melissa Hatfield, the owner of Hometown Hair.

Tina Todd, the owner of Just Teasin and Tannin, says the same thing. “My favorite part is when my clients are truly happy,” She says. “I’ve had some even cry when they feel beautiful! It always makes my heart feel better.”

No matter what, the stylists are relieved that they will be able to get back with their clients soon, and look forward to helping folks in town feel beautiful soon!

Hometown Hair, Just Teasin', and Reflections Salon and Spa can be found on Facebook.

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