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#LocalAuthor Steven Paul Watson

Book Signing with #LocalAuthor: Steven Paul Watson

Wildest Dreams 

Local author Steven Paul Watson has been telling stories ever since he was a kid, but he never imagined that it was something he would “do beyond a hobby,” he says. “Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be where I am right now.” Well, his wildest dreams seem to have come true, because he has now published numerous books, from short stories featured in anthologies to full-length novels. 

Telling the Stories He Wants to Hear 

“I was first published in a couple of anthologies, most notably Human 76, which was 14 different authors writing stories in the same dystopian world interacting with a woman searching for her sister,” Steven says. Getting featured in such anthologies helped him see that he truly could be a published writer. From there, he wrote Howling Moon and its sequel Full Wolf Moon. “As a kid, I was always fascinated by all things supernatural, and that has come forward in a lot of the stories I’ve set out to tell,” He says, explaining his fascination with the supernatural in his work. 

Most recently, he’s published Fairywood Falls, a true fairy-tale set in Eastern Kentucky, something he references as something he’d like to continue exploring. “I am wanting to put out more stories based in Appalachia, most especially Eastern Kentucky and West Virginia,” He says. 

From here, he has multiple projects in the works, including editing a Steampunk novel he finished several years ago, working on the next chapter of the Howling Moon series, and producing a series of short stories and novellas to be featured on his Patreon. 

For Steven, writing is a powerful creative outlet, and he has a passion for telling the kind of stories he wants to hear. “I write stories that I’d be interested in reading,” He says. “I love creating my own worlds and just letting the stories run wild. Sometimes, I’m just as surprised as the readers to see where they end. 

Regardless of whether you’ve read his work before, or you’re a brand new fan, a book signing at Maple Grove Books is the chance to discover Steven’s work. He learned about The Collective and Maple Grove Books from Facebook, and took the chance to get connected. “I’ve done a lot of events in Williamson, and I have always enjoyed visiting the area for them.” 


The book signing will be Saturday, May 27 at 2pm at Maple Grove Books in The Collective Retail & Artisan Shops on 2nd Avenue in downtown Williamson across from the Mingo County Courthouse. To learn more about the event, check out the Facebook event page. For more information about Steven and his work, check out his website!


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