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#LocalCharacter: Nathan Brown

Taking a Stand for Southern West Virginia

Nathan Brown wants to bring attention to our area, and he’s using his job as a lawyer and a delegate for the WV House of Delegates 20th District to accomplish his goal. “I got involved in politics because I was concerned about what seemed to be an effort at the state level to leave our area behind,” He says. “It seems as if the majority of the state’s resources are heading north of Charleston.” He got involved in 2018 because he wanted to help create sound state policy while helping to ensure that Williamson, and the rest of Southern WV, wasn’t left behind. “I got involved to fight to ensure our area is treated evenly when compared to the rest of the state.”

Before becoming a lawyer, he worked in the coal and railroad industry for twelve years, but when it experienced a downturn, he enrolled in law school. He worked hard while he was in law school, and it paid off-- he graduated near the top of his class. After graduation, he worked in Charleston, but he found his way home soon. “Initially, I worked for a law firm in Charleston, and then in 2014, I came back to Mingo County,” He says.

It’s here that he and his friend, Josh Ferrell, opened Ferrell and Brown, PLLC. Nathan and Josh might be totally different in so many ways, but he thinks that’s what makes it work. “Josh is a great person,” He says. “He and I are total opposites in many aspects, but I think that is what makes it work.” Nathan is also the City Attorney for Williamson, and an assistant prosecutor for Mingo County.

The decision to come back to Williamson was a good one. “The people are my favorite thing about Williamson,” He says. “While there are certain differences of opinions regarding issues in the city, at the end of the day, I believe most people do want to move the city forward.”

Making a Difference

Nathan works from sunup, to well past sundown. He says, “Most days, I work from 5am until late in the night doing something.” For Nathan, the best part of both his work as a delegate and his work as a lawyer, is what he gets to do for the community. “My favorite part of each job is helping people,” He says. “Public service is hard, and running a law practice is hard...However, helping people is rewarding, and makes it worth it. I hope to make a difference in a person’s life if I am getting involved in a matter.”

Family Matters

When he’s not working hard, he likes spending time with his family to unwind. “In my free time, I enjoy hanging out and travelling with my three sons, Garrett Grayson, and Gavin, and spending time with my wife, Brandy. Our most favorite times and memories are centered around our home.” They typically spend weekends cooking and just enjoying one another’s company.

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