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Marriage, Mob, & Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

If you love a good mystery, you won't want to miss the show on March 27th when the Williamson Parks and Recreation Commission host their first ever Murder Mystery Dinner Show! The folks with Williamson Parks and Rec wanted to bring a new kind of event to Williamson, and this socially distanced, interactive dinner show was a perfect fit.

“Romeo and Juliet-- Mob Style!”

The first show, “Marriage, Mob and Murder”, will feature a little hint of forbidden romance, says Jarrod Dean, Executive Director of the Williamson Parks and Recreation Commission.

Jarrod tells us, “The daughter of the Balconi Mob Family is marrying the son of the Stiletto Mob Family. When the body of young Tony Stiletto is found riddled with bullets in his car on the way to the church, the two families head to the reception to make sense of the violence. Soon, both families begin pointing fingers at one another, and even more violence emerges. It’s Romeo and Juliet—Mob Style!”

When Williamson Parks and Rec picked their first show, they wanted to pick one of the most popular shows.

“I wanted to start with one of their very best and more popular murder mysteries to kick off the shows we have booked,” Jarrod says. “This will be a lot of fun, and definitely something new we are bringing to the area.”

Along with the interactive show, you’ll also enjoy a delicious Italian dinner catered by SB Catering.

If you want to learn more about the Murder Mystery Dinner Series, check out our interview with Jarrod Dean. To learn more about “Marriage, Mob, and Murder”, check out the Facebook event page, and to order tickets, call or text 304-785-7602.

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