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May Meal Kits from Williamson Farmers Market

Looking for a chance to get your hands on a low-effort, yet healthy and delicious meal? The Williamson Farmers Market is rolling out their May Meal Kits, and we know you’ll want to get your hands on them!

May Meal Kits will start with a Caprese grilled cheese and salad kit, full of fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil, as well as sourdough bread. This meal kit features fresh greens from Blue Acre Aquaponics, located in Kermit, West Virginia which also allows you to show support for a unique local business.

When constructing meal kits, the Williamson Farmers Market staff does take crowd suggestions into account, so they have not yet planned each meal to be offered this month. They try to use plenty of fresh, locally grown produce in every kit, including as much as they can from Blue Acre Aquaponics each week.

Williamson Farmers Market started the meal kits during the pandemic, as a way to get fresh produce to people during a time when they couldn’t get out as frequently to buy fresh produce. The meal kits are also a way to make money for the market during a time of reduced capacity, explained Kristin Brewer DeBoard with the market.

They offer them in cycles, according to Kristin. “Really, we try to do six-weeks on and a few weeks off,” she says. “This way we can regroup and people don’t get bored with what we offer!”

If you want to learn more about the meal kits, check out the Williamson Farmers Market Facebook page or call 304-235-3400.

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