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#OffRoadFun: Hillbilly History Overnight Adventure Tour

Combining Rich History and Beautiful Nature

Trail 10 Tours is combining southern West Virginia’s rich history and beautiful nature into their Hillbilly History Overnight Camping Tour.

The Hillbilly History tour is a two-day trail tour that will take ATV riders through some of the best and most beautiful spots in the area. Along the way, they’ll stop at multiple old coal mines and a fossil bed that is more than 300 million years old. Of course, they will also stop at some of the most famous spots associated with the Hatfield-McCoy Feud. This ride will cross two Hatfield McCoy Trail systems, two counties, and two states!

Riders will need to bring their own machine, as well as their tent and any camping gear they might need. While organizers encourage folks to come prepared, they also specify that their route will never take you too far away to get something you need from town or a store. Tickets are $100, and cover one camping site. If you are bringing someone else along who wants a separate tent, you will need to pay an additional $30. A valid Hatfield McCoy Trails trail pass is mandatory for this ride. One other tip: Don't forget your camera! You’ll be exposed to some beautiful scenic views that you’ll want to grab a photo of.

This event will begin and end at the Devil’s Backbone Adventure Resort located at 100 Adventure Lane, Matewan, West Virginia. The tour will start on April 2nd at 9am. To learn more and find out how to buy tickets, visit their Facebook event page.

You can also call 304-235-9889.

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