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Take a Hike!

For those who love nothing more than time spent in the outdoors, but aren’t a fan of riding the trails, don’t despair! Hiking is a popular hobby in the Williamson area, and there are plenty of great spots. Folks from throughout the region shared their favorite local hiking spots with Williamson Forward.

Near and Dear Spots

Robbie Howard and his family are avid local hikers. Robbie says he favors Table Top Rock, located near Millers Creek, WV. Terri Mills also enjoys hiking with friends and family whenever she can. She tells us one of her favorite destinations is Bottle Rock in Toler, KY. Another local hiking enthusiast, Bobby Porter enjoys Picnic and Castle Rocks, which he’s visited since he was younger.

“We used to travel to Picnic Rock two different ways when I was younger, but with the Hatfield-McCoy trails, we now have a third, easier way, “ he says.

Death Rock, located in Williamson, WV, is a popular hiking spot for folks in the area as well. Robin Lambert-Browning describes it as being especially close to her heart.

She tells us, “I only recently took up hiking. I did Death Rock for the first time last summer with the Tug Valley Road Runner was extremely challenging,” Robin was determined to try again when TVRRC held a 5K to Death Rock in February 2020, and since then, she’s started climbing Death Rock several times a week “I’m so proud of my achievements, so Death Rock will always be near and dear to my heart!”

Do you enjoy hiking? There are a variety of spots throughout the area-- if you have a favorite we didn’t mention, why not share it on social media?

Article Cover Photo Provided by: Bobby Porter-Picnic Rock

Other photos provided by: 1, Robbie Howard-Millers Cr., WV 2.Terri Mills, Bottle Rock, 3. Robin Browning- Death Rock 4. Bobby Porter-Valley View 5. Jessica Browning-Death Rock

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