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Thank You for Your Service

Community Outreach Director for Williamson Health and Wellness Center, Amy Dearfield-Hannah and her co-workers want to make it a point every Veterans Day to honor our veterans. That’s why Williamson Health and Wellness Center started hosting a Veterans Day dinner back in 2019, and they plan to make it a tradition. “We wanted to make it an annual event, but COVID prevented us from having it back in 2020,” Amy says. This year, the group has taken precautions to ensure that this special event can return.

They have decided to host a lunch outdoors, under a tent, and also to offer a pick-up option, to make sure veterans feel safe enough to come out. After working with their healthy eating team, Amy approached WHWC administration with her idea, and it was approved. She says, “It was a quick yes, as they were 100% on board.”

In Amy’s opinion, it’s the least they can do. “I think it’s important to honor our veterans for the sacrifices that they have made,” she says. “They have defended the freedoms that we have today, and one day does not even come close to giving them the recognition they deserve.” In her opinion, a meal is a great way to do this. “We feel as though serving them a lunch is a way to simply say, ‘thank you for your service.”

The free Veterans Day Lunch will be hosted on Wednesday, November 10th from 11am to 1pm. The lunch will be hosted across from the Williamson Health and Wellness Center st 183 East 2nd Avenue in downtown Williamson under the WHWC tent. For more information call 304-234-3400 ext. 1120.


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