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The Tug Valley Road Runners

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

“We want to show the world that we care about our community.”

For Alexis Batausa, involvement in the Tug Valley Road Runners Club is personal. Alexis has been involved in the club since 2012, and he’s been the President for the past three years. Running helped him to cope with his parents’ health problems and his own struggle with depression. He believes involvement in the club does not just improve physical health, it improves the lives of those involved.

The club is one of the thousands among the Road Runners Club of America, the largest running club in the country. The RRCA aims to promote the sport of running across the country, and champions community involvement. The Tug Valley Road Runners Club brings this to the community of Williamson. Since it was established in 2000, the club has gained more than one hundred members, and has become even more active in the community of Williamson.

It’s All About Community

In addition to weekly club runs for members, The Tug Valley Road Runners Club hosts many different events throughout the year, including runs to celebrate Thanksgiving, New Years, and other holidays. These events are not limited to experienced runners. The club encourages runners of all skill levels to participate in the club, and also invites walkers and joggers to participate.

The Tug Valley Road Runners Club donates proceeds from their marathons to the local fire department, police department, and schools in the area. The club also sponsors running clubs for kids in the area, and has a scholarship program for high school students who participate in track or cross country running.

Not a Runner? No Worries.

Batausa describes the club as a no-pressure environment, where people of all walks of life can promote healthiness through running and better their lives. “You see everyone grow and become leaders throughout the community,” Batausa says. “This organization means a lot to me and the communities.” Alexis emphasized that he is “very proud of everyone involved” and that “(I) thank each and every one of them”.

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