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Tug Valley Alumni Association: Once a Panther, Always a Panther

For many people, the high school they attended is full of important memories and formative years. Alumni of Tug Valley High School are no exception, and that’s why many of them came together to form the Tug Valley Alumni Association (TVAA).

Panther Pride

“We were legally formed on October 22, 2020,” says TVAA member Lola Preece. “We were formed in part to organize our fellow alumni and enable the alumni to give back to the Tug Valley community.”

TVAA came together when Randy Lackey, who now serves as president of TVAA, broached the topic with fellow alumni, who were enthusiastic about the idea. “Many of them now serve on the board of directors,” Lola says.

Members of TVAA hope to organize the alumni at TVHS into one big community, and share their memories. Lola explains, “The purpose of the association is to organize the alumni of Tug Valley High School in Naugatuck, West Virginia into one general body, so as to better keep alive the memories of high school life, and aid in the promotion of the welfare of Tug Valley High School, its students, and the attendance zone communities.”

So far, they’re doing a great job. They were able to donate $250 each to the Boys and Girls basketball teams as they travelled for the West Virginia High School State Basketball Tournament, and they also awarded the first annual TVAA Alumni Scholarship, in the amount of $500.00, to Ethan Preece this year.

Current officers and board members include President Randy Lackey, Vice-President Deanna Wellman, Secretary Amy Runyon, Treasurer David Jewell, Warren Browning, Bo Copley, Jaclyn Ruble, Caitlin Sturgell, and Hayden Sturgell. They also recognize Dr. Johnny Branch, the incoming Mingo County Superintendent, as a member.

The TVAA welcomes more than just TVHS grads into their ranks. “We welcome anyone to join,” Lola says. “On our application, we have a box for TVHS grads, Feeder Alumni for grads of Lenore and Kermit High Schools, former and present teachers, as well as family and friends.”

To learn how you can join the TVAA , check out their Facebook page!

Photos from Tug Valley Alumni Association

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