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We Asked, You Shared: New Year's Resolutions

Everyone loves the sense of a fresh start, and every January 1st, people around the world come up with resolutions for the new year. The tradition of New Year’s resolutions has stuck around for the majority of human history. Ancient Romans made promises to the god Janus, for whom January is named, and plenty of others made it a point to settle debts, return that which was borrowed, and dedicate the earliest part of the New Year to a little introspection. We asked a few locals about their New Year’s resolutions for 2022.

Belfry High School art teacher and local artist Autumn Chapman is keeping it simple in 2022. “Mine are pretty simple,” she says. “Drink more water, travel more places, owe less money, and take all the photos that I can.”

Elizabeth Wells, with New Heights Consortium, has plenty of yearly goals to go with. “Like anyone else, I have my general resolutions such as losing weight, developing a healthier lifestyle, becoming more financially stable, completing my masters in Social Work and so on,” she says. “However, one resolution that I constantly think about is my mental and physical health. How can I be the best Elizabeth that I can be?” She doesn’t just mean for herself, but for the community around her. “I want to play my part and educate as well as network and help locate resources to provide to others. I am my happiest when I’m growing and the people and community around me are growing and succeeding.”

Whether you keep it simple by drinking more water and eating healthier, committing to traveling more, or you’re setting your sights at home to see how you can help others, Williamson Forward wishes you the best of luck with your resolutions!

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