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Williamson Farmers Market Presents: Dinner and a Movie!

The Williamson Farmers Market has always brought some great events for parents and kids to the area, giving them a great way to connect over healthy eating and cooking. In the past, they’ve hosted the Cook Through a Book event with success, and now they’re upgrading a little: Dinner and a Movie. “We used to do cook through a book,” says Kristin Deboard, Marketing and Nutrition Manager for Williamson Farmers Market. “I was looking at cooking videos one day to get ideas and came across a YouTube series that was a man who cooked every dish he could find from sitcoms, movies, and cartoons, so I thought, ‘why don’t we play the movie to entertain the kids and cook at the same time?’”


Dinner and a Movie with the Williamson Farmers Market will be held on Thursday, November 11th at 7pm inside City Gym in an upstairs meetings area. Also, this is a free event! For the movie, Kristin ended up choosing Ratatouille. “The movie choice was easy. It’s such a cute movie that resonates with kids and adults, and it’s about a mouse sous chef! The recipe is the same as the movie name, and kids will learn that too.” The recipe is also perfect for kids to do. “It’s an easy recipe, just a lot of slicing, which the adults will help with, of squash and zucchini, and then simmering it all in tomato sauce. I think the kids will really love it.”

After a tough time getting kids’ events going for the past couple of years, Kristin is excited to bring in-person kids events back to the area. “It’s just exciting in itself,” she says. “We have cancelled so many things due to lack of attendance in the last two years, which I know is because of COVID, but finally last month we had 9 kids come out for our Halloween event, so I’m really hoping for a great turnout next week.”

Want to learn more about the Dinner and a Movie event? Check out the Facebook event page for more information.

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