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Young Entrepreneurs Day 2023: Meet Brayden Chafin

#YoungEntrepreneursDay2023: Brayden Chafin 

Since 2020, the Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce has hosted Young Entrepreneurs Day, an event that puts under-18 business owners in the area at the forefront and offers them new opportunities. Many kids and teens have participated in that time, and thanks to the success they helped to make possible, the Chamber of Commerce is happy to be hosting the 4th Annual Young Entrepreneurs Day on Saturday, August 5 from 10 am-3pm in the Williamson Field House. 

Young Entrepreneurs Day will feature YED veterans as well as newcomers, such as 8 year old Brayden Chafin, who will be bringing his business, Brayden’s Poppin Lemonade, to YED. Brayden will be selling different flavors of– you guessed it!-- lemonade, as well as fresh popcorn. Customers will also be able to select different toppings for their popcorn! 

Brayden usually does a lemonade stand every summer, and after hearing about Young Entrepreneurs Day via Facebook, he decided to join in. He enjoys making the lemonade and popcorn, and he is so excited to share it. “I look forward to people trying out my homemade lemonade and eating fresh popcorn,” he says. 

Be sure to come out Saturday, August 5 from 10am-3pm to check out what our young business owners have to offer, and try some of Brayden’s delicious lemonade and popcorn! 

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