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Young Entrepreneurs Day: Meet Kaylin Joplin

Since 2020, the Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce has hosted Young Entrepreneurs Day, an event that puts under-18 business owners in the area at the forefront and offers them new opportunities. Many kids and teens have participated in that time, and thanks to the success they helped to make possible, the Chamber of Commerce is happy to be hosting the fourth ever Young Entrepreneurs Day on Saturday, August 5th from 10am-3pm at the Williamson Field House.

This year’s YED will welcome a variety of kids and teens of all ages, some returning from previous years, and some newbies. One newbie will be Kaylin Joplin, a 16 year old student at Mingo Central High School, who will be introducing her business, Kaylin’s Arts and Crafts Shop, to the world. 

Kaylin will be selling a variety of arts and crafts, including paintings and handmade bracelets. She decided to start her business as a way to cash in on her painting hobby: “I was in my room looking at a painting and I thought, ‘I could sell these.’” 

Kaylin is a proud member of the Mingo County YLA Chapter, which brings together high school age students in the area under 5 pillars: leadership, character, service, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy. She first heard about YED through the YLA, and thought it sounded like a good idea. 

Above all, she’s hoping that this event will give her a little more knowledge, and a lot more sales. If you’d like to check out her work before seeing it in person at Young Entrepreneurs Day, check out her Facebook group here.  To keep an eye on YED, be sure to check out the Facebook event page. 

•Background image on graphic is a painting by Kaylin!


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