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Downtown Yoga: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

The Beginning of Downtown Yoga

Heather Wolford has always considered herself an activist for our youth and adults. That’s what led her to open Downtown Yoga in Williamson in November 2020. “As a teen, I fell in love with the benefits of yoga for mental awareness and fitness, and I wanted to bring that benefit to our area,” she says

In January 2020, Heather began attending yoga training in Charleston, West Virginia, and after graduating from the program, she decided to look into locations to bring a yoga studio to Williamson. On November 30, 2020, Downtown Yoga opened in Williamson. She feels that the benefits have been great. “It’s been a huge change mentally and physically for the better. Everyone that has come out to join class absolutely loves it and the benefits."

Also, it’s important to Heather to make the studio a safe place for people of all skill levels. “We are a no judgement location, so everyone can feel comfortable and welcome.”

Which Class is For You?

A few of the classes Downtown Yoga currently offers care Power Yoga, Rejuvenation/Yin Yoga, and Yoga Nidra. All of these have different benefits to one’s physical and mental health and they are all shown to help stress levels and improve one’s physical health. The full roster of classes are offered at various times throughout the week. Downtown Yoga also offers parent/child yoga classes, prenatal yoga, and monthly workshops on the education of yoga and differing techniques.

For Heather, her favorite class is definitely Power Yoga. “I love all the classes, but for a great workout and sweat, definitely Power Yoga.”

In the future, Heather would like to begin offering free monthly classes to the community. She also hopes to offer classes on Chakra building for mental health, and dieting through Ayurveda therapy.

Giving Back

Heather has also created a relaxation space for others to enjoy. If you're not taking a class, she invites you to bring a book and sit on the purple couch to read or sit at the bar for a coffee. It's all about taking a minute for yourself or spending some time talking with friends.

Also, for local aspiring artists an art wall is available. Local artists are invited to bring their art to Downtown Yoga to display and sell. There's no charge for adding your art to the wall and artists keep all money from their sales. This is just another way Heather is giving back to her community.

As for Heather, she’s pretty busy with the new studio, but her free time is spent with her kids. “I teach my kids to be giving, thankful, and never judge someone because they think and feel differently than you do,” she says.

Downtown Yoga is located at 201 E. 2nd Avenue, Williamson in the space above Next Step Legal, formerly Marcum Law Office. To learn more about Downtown Yoga, all classes offered, and special events, check out the Facebook page!


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