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#HealthyTwist: Frozen Hot Chocolate

It’s important to stay healthy, but when the Christmas season comes around, there’s nothing wrong with making and enjoying a tasty snack. However, the Williamson Farmers Market team is always looking for ways to make those tasty treats a little healthier. Recently, the team hosted a cooking class for kids and featured a healthier version of frozen hot chocolate. Rebecca Casey with the Williamson Farmers Market shared their simple and yummy recipe with us!

Frozen Hot Chocolate

1.5 cups of Dark Chocolate Almond Milk

¾ a cup of hot cocoa mix,

3 to 4 cups of ice.

Combine your ingredients in a blender, and top with anything you want!

Optional: Marshmallows not required, but recommended!

This makes a great Christmas Eve treat or after dinner drink on Christmas Day!


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