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It's Time to Go Off-Road

Mike Wilson, the owner of The Outdoorsman’s Shop, decided he wanted to bring fellow outdoorsmen together back in 2006, when he and some family members bonded over their passion for riding locally. In 2010, the Hell Creek Crawlers, as they were known then, came together over Facebook to share their passion. Unfortunately, life got in the way, and the group sat idle for years-- until Mike decided to bring the page back as Hell Creek Off Road.

The goals of Hell Creek Off Road have changed a little. Mike says. “Our goal now is to host quarterly planned rides open to anyone for free, to specifically promote our state riding and businesses.”

Promoting the Beauty of Our State

To the members of the group, promoting the area is important. “We love our state and all the resources it offers,” Mike says. “We want the focus to solely be about enjoying what God created for us to enjoy in this great state.”

Mike loves what they can offer to southern WV, “It excites me to see people come together and just enjoy the mountains. We just ride and enjoy the company of others.”

Want to find out more about this group and what they’re doing? Visit their Facebook group to learn more, and maybe you’ll find yourself the newest member of Hell Creek Off Road.

All photos from Hell Creek Off-Road Facebook Page

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