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Karsyn Noe Wins 6th-8th Grade Division of Statewide Christmas Ornament Contest

Karsyn Noe, a local student and budding artist, saw her handmade Christmas ornament in a special place of honor this year! Karsyn was the winner of First Lady Cathy Justice’s Statewide Ornament Contest for the 6th-8th grade division. Her ornament was displayed on the West Virginia Student Artists Tree for 2020. She heard about the contest from her art teacher, Ms. Scarlette Moore, who selected Karsyn, along with several other students from Burch K-8 to enter the contest.

Little Bit Of Art Supplies & Lots of Creativity

Karsyn created her ornament, which features a gnome and a decorative green border, based on an old CD and her love for gnomes. After talking with her dad, Heath Noe, she tells us, “My dad and I came up with the idea of using an old CD for the shape of the ornament. I love gnomes, and I knew I wanted to incorporate one for the main design, so I sketched the gnome from an idea I had in my head. Then, I used other materials from my art supplies.”


Karsyn heard about her win when her mom, Kyrstyn Chapman Noe, was watching a ”A Joyful Night Christmas Celebration” special hosted by First Lady Cathy Justice on Facebook. About her win, Karsyn says, “I was shocked! My mom just came into my room one morning, and showed me the video that was on Facebook.” She is excited that her ornament will stay on the tree for years. “My favorite part of all this is the thought that my ornament was chosen out of all the 6th-8th graders in the state, and will be hanging on the First Lady’s tree for years to come!”

One Of A Kind

Kyrstyn is excited to see what else her daughter accomplishes. “I am extremely proud of Karsyn and all of her accomplishments. She is one of a kind, and I cannot wait to see what she can achieve with her artistic abilities,” she says

Karsyn, who also participated in Young Entrepreneur’s Day 2020, sponsored by the Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce, has a real passion for the arts, and she’s got the skill to back it up. She is sure to accomplish many wonderful things in the future!

If you’d like to watch First Lady Cathy Justice’s announcement of winners for the ornament contest, click the link below:

FYI: Karsyn's announcement is at the 15:50 mark of the video!

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