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#LocalBusiness: Crafty Bloom Designs

Friends Who Work Together, Stay Together!

Best friends Jessica Randolph and Lorem Batausa love working together on a variety of projects. Since they’ve been best friends forever, they’ve done so plenty of times. That’s why their most recent adventure, Crafty Bloom Designs, just makes sense. Crafty Bloom offers a variety of products, all made with the help of their handy 3-D laser printer, which allows them to make jewelry and do digital woodworking.

Bringing New Ideas to Williamson

The idea came out while the two were brainstorming a way to start their own business, trying to figure out what products might be best for people in the area, while letting them exercise their creativity by coming up with different designs. Jessica was inspired by the 3-D printer, which Lorem had shown her. “It was Jessica’s idea to start a small business using the printer,” Lorem says, and, according to Jessica, “things just started going from there.”

The printer allowed them to “be more creative with handmade jewelry,” Lorem says, something they had been wanting to do. “We always had these ideas of what more we could bring to the table,” she says. “The exciting thing about using the printer is that we are able to draw out our own designs. This has helped us bring so many of our projects to life with cutting and engraving items.”

From there, they also incorporated other materials they knew how to work with, like resin, to create their jewelry and other products. Through Crafty Bloom Designs, the duo has worked with a variety of businesses in the area, creating just what those customers need, including medals for some of the local races, something that Jessica finds exciting.

Happy Artists, Happy Customers!

For Jessica, the best thing about this business is the chance to work with her best friend, and see their “ideas come to life.” It certainly doesn’t hurt to see how happy their customers are, as well!

For Lorem, her favorite part is the ideas they bring to life on the machine. “My favorite thing about the business is seeing the ideas we designed come out of the machine. We like to challenge ourselves with projects we have never done.” For her, art of all kinds is a way to soothe anxiety, and brings her peace.

We can’t promise that Jessica and Lorem’s creations will bring you quite as much peace, but they certainly are lovely! To learn more about Crafty Bloom Designs, look them up on Instagram using their username, @craftybloomdesigns.

You will find Crafty Bloom Designs products on the shelves at Downtown Yoga and the Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce, both in downtown Williamson.

All photos from Crafty Bloom Designs


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