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#LocalBusiness: Reflections Salon & Spa: We’re So Glad You’re Here

A sign sitting inside of Reflections Salon & Spa reads, “We’re so glad you’re here”. That sign is a perfect fit for this shop. The staff inside are warm, lively, and full of smiles.

On December 10, 2019, Reflections opened in their new location on Upper East 3rd Avenue in downtown Williamson, but to get to this ribbon cutting we have to go back to 2005.

In the Beginning...

Tonya Cool has been a stylist since 2005. At that time, Tonya worked at the original business location in Belfry, Kentucky under another owner. In 2006, the former business owner was ready to retire and this is when Tonya became a business owner.

“The previous owner had been doing hair for a while and she was ready to quit, She offered to allow me to buy the business and I did. God blessed me with that opportunity.”

After about a year in the Belfry, Kentucky location, Tonya felt it was time to move the business into downtown Williamson. She recalls some buildings on 2nd Avenue were being renovated and the owners were trying to get some new storefronts on the street.

“They offered me a great deal on a lease, and despite others telling me it was a mistake, I decided to move downtown and I love it. I’ve always loved being in town.”

The move proved to be a smart choice. Reflections Salon & Spa developed a loyal client base and became known for the high-quality level of services offered. The shop now has 10 stylists which specialize in color and extensions. Another team member specializes in microblading and permanent make-up, while another offers massages.

12 Years Later…

After 12 years in the 2nd Avenue location, another opportunity presented itself to Tonya and her husband Shawn. Tonya explains, her husband Shawn kept saying they should buy a building. Then, the building at 169 East 3rd Avenue seemed to be placed in their lap by God. So, they decided to take the leap and purchase their own spot.

“We felt like if we are going to stay here in this area, we might as well invest in the area,” says Tonya.

A New Adventure…

In late summer 2019, the couple set out on a new adventure together. Now, the owners of a building, they began to renovate and design the space to suit the Reflections business. With Shawn and Tonya being DIY experts, they gathered some help and let the work begin. After a few months, the building was completely transformed inside and out. The couple brought the building back to life and made a spa-like oasis in downtown Williamson. The shop decor is beautiful, right down to the plush dark purple couch in the waiting area.

This brings us back to where the article began, a ribbon cutting on December 10, 2019. Tonya and Shawn, along with the shop stylists and team, their families, members of the community, and well-wishers gathered to see the new shop. A true labor of love for Tonya and Shawn.

Some Cool Advice…

If you’re wondering if you should embark on the journey of being a business owner like the Cools, Tonya has this advice to pass along to you:

“Don’t be afraid. Do it! Sometimes we get so caught up on the negative and just depend on what is already here, but that's not how it works. You gotta bring it here. Just like my business, most of my clients travel to Williamson to get in here. That’s the goal, open more businesses that bring people to town. It starts one person at a time. You have to envision what it's going to be. I look around and see new businesses opening now and I think Williamson is on to good things.”

Reflections Salon & Spa is located at 169 Upper East 3rd Avenue, Williamson. Follow their Facebook page to see what new & exciting things happen at the salon.

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