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#LocalBusiness: The Outdoorsman's Shop

Looking to support a veteran-owned, local business, while getting yourself some new goodies for your time in the outdoors? If so, you’ll want to check out The Outdoorsman’s Shop. This online shop is operated by Mike Wilson of Delbarton, West Virginia and offers a variety of items to the discerning outdoorsman. This shop is also the only Bison Coolers and Reload & Rub Seasoning Co. retailer in West Virginia.

Mike started the shop after going to different outdoorsmen shows with the Mountaineer Outdoorsmen, an outdoor team he also started. He loves being a part of the many small businesses in this area, and hopes to see them all working with one another in the future. "This area has a lot of businesses that have been around for years, and to someday see everyone help each other would be amazing. I love my county, and I want what’s best for it, ”he says. That’s why he carries a variety of products from family-owned and operated small businesses.

Starting the Outdoorsman’s Shop was tough, but Mike pushed through, and started the business without help from loans or credit cards. “My love for the outdoors kept me motivated,” he says.

For Mike, the best part of the Outdoorsman’s Shop is that connection with other small businesses. “My favorite thing about having the business is working with various people in the county to make things easier for small businesses.” He also hopes to grow and have a storefront in Williamson as well. “I’d love to work for myself full-time,” He says.

Want to learn more about The Outdoorsman’s Shop? Check out the Facebook page.

You’ll also find products from the shop in the Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce in Williamson.

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