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Rent a SXS and Head Out on the Trails!

It’s Trail Riding Time!

Do you enjoy riding the Hatfield-McCoy Trails, but don’t want to purchase a machine of your own? Maybe you haven't rode the trails before, but would love to try it before buying a SXS of your own. Southern West Rentals can help you out! Located at the historic Mountaineer Hotel in downtown Williamson, the business started in June 2019 to fulfill the need for Side-by-Side rentals and service in the area. “You will always have guests that have no interest in their own machine, but enjoy riding. We wanted to offer a solution,” says Carrie Digman, General Manager of the Mountaineer Hotel.

Visitors to the area enjoy the opportunity to rent a machine. Some tourists can’t or don’t want to haul their machine to their destinations, not to mention it’s not unheard of for a machine to break down at an inopportune time. “The last thing a guest wants to do when coming to the Hatfield-McCoy Trails is sit in the hotel,” Carrie says.

Local riders looking to explore the trails without the commitment of purchasing their own machine can also start their off-road adventure through Southern West Rentals.

Southern West Rentals currently offers 3 machines for rental: Two of the machines are 2-seaters, and one offers 4-person seating. The machines are carefully chosen based on safety features and how popular they are on the market. For your convenience, pick-up and drop-off service is offered in downtown Williamson.

Southern West Rentals is a locally owned, small business and the owners are proud to be part of their local business community. They are happy to offer the opportunity for fun trail adventures to both locals and tourists. Through this business they hope to add to the growing tourism industry in Williamson and the Mingo County area.

Carrie tells us, “Supporting small, local businesses is essential for a small community to survive and eventually thrive. Mingo County has a cornucopia of local businesses, and as citizens we should be taking advantage of all the opportunities we have to support our businesses here in Mingo County.”

We agree, Carrie. Supporting small businesses is one way we can all help our communities grow and prosper. For more information on Southern West Rentals, find them online at or call 304-235-2222. You can also find the Historic Mountaineer Hotel online at

Article Photos Provided by Southern West Rentals.

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