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The Return of Hiking for Health

Are you ready to get out and hike our local trails? Hiking for Health-Spring Session begins on March 6th and runs through April 11th. Hiking for Health is an active living project developed by Williamson Health and Wellness Center to help people get moving while enjoying the great outdoors! This is the second round of the Hiking for Health program.

Hiking for Physical and Mental Health

“It was created to get people out during the pandemic,” says Williamson Health and Wellness Center Active Living Director Alexis Batausa. “We saw people hiking throughout the year, and we thought this would be beneficial and something different.” Alexis says they hope to see more people getting active and enjoying the beauty of the trails in Mingo County.

Hiking isn’t just good for your physical health, Alexis says. “It’s so good for your mental health.” According to the National Park Service, hiking can boost your mood, reduce your stress levels, and decrease anxiety.

There are seven guided hikes, and participants must complete five out of seven hikes to be awarded hiking poles, or a hiking backpack. Hikes vary in distance and difficulty level and participants can decide which hikes are best suited for them. Hiking for Health will feature trails to Death Rock, Castle Rock, Picnic Rock, Hell’s Knob, Devil’s Backbone, Historic Matewan Trails, and the Flying Squirrel Trail at Laurel Lake Wildlife Management Area.

A Weekend Warrior hiking schedule has been added to the Hiking for Health-Spring Session. Hikers will have the opportunity to hike five trails in one weekend! The Weekend Warrior schedule is set for March 6th-7th, March 27th-28th, and April 10th-12th.

Alexis and the other folks at Williamson Health and Wellness Center

love seeing what this can do for the community. “We care about the overall health of our community,” he says.

All hikes are free, but organizers do request hikers RSVP. You can find additional information about Hiking for Health on the Healthy in the Hills Facebook page or contact Alexis at Williamson Health and Wellness Center at 304-235-3400.

Happy Hiking!


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