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Tips for Staying Active During Winter

Every January, people around the world make New Year's Resolutions to be healthier and get active, and every January, they find it might be a little harder to get active in January than it is in July. After all, it’s hard to get outside for a jog when the temperature is below freezing and the snow is pouring. But the importance of staying healthy doesn’t disappear with the sun during the winter, and exercising is a part of staying healthy. Alexis Batausa Director of Active Living for Williamson Health and Wellness Center knows this, and has some tips for staying healthy and being active during the winter.

Don’t Let the Cold Stop You!

“Of course, you can hit the local gym, if your location allows it with COVID-19 precautions,” Alexis says. If the gym isn’t an option, there are also a variety of resources available online. “Watching exercise videos on YouTube or downloading an exercise program app can also do wonders to help you stay active during winter,” he says.

If staying indoors isn’t your preference, it’s not impossible to head outside, but you need to take the proper precautions, Alexis says, "Walking, jogging, or hiking during the winter months can keep you healthy. Everything just depends on what you wear before heading out.” Running tights can be helpful for the winter runner or walkers. Don’t forget your long sleeved shirt or jacket, too.

If you’re planning to exercise, remember to stretch before you start. Alexis reminds us, “Stretching is important, especially for those battling arthritis or those who aren’t so limber.” If you need some help, there are plenty of videos and websites highlighting the best way to stretch before a workout.

Exercise can also be an important part of beating the winter blues, so be sure to use these tips to get moving this winter!

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