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Who Does Your Nails?!

Kaylee Collinsworth loves how nails can help you express different parts of your personality. That’s what drove her to open her nail salon, Klaws by Kaylee, inside of Visions Salon and Spa.

“My favorite thing about doing nails is that you can express yourself however you want,” she says. “I love how every day, it’s something different: a new shape, design or color!” She is excited about being open inside of Visions Salon & Spa for what it represents: a fresh start. “For me, the most exciting thing about the opening is the new atmosphere! It’s so gorgeous, and so welcoming, and I love it!”

Kaylee has always been drawn to the beauty industry. “I decided to go to beauty school because I wanted to do hair,” she says. “Then I was introduced to nails and I fell in love. I started working in a nail shop while I was still in college.”

Visions Salon & Spa owner Stevie Burke invited her to come work in his salon. “I’ve known Stevie my whole life and he’s played a big role in my love for the beauty world. Working with Stevie was a pretty big move, but it was rewarding. I was just starting to build my clientele, and I had just graduated college, so I was still learning,” Kaylee says. “Everything was new to me, and I knew eventually I had to take risks if I wanted to get where I needed to be. Let me tell you, the risk was worth it!”

Kaylee’s nail shop is a safe place for people in the area to express themselves and meet new people. “Klaws by Kaylee is somewhere you can come and just be yourself. It’s not just a nail shop, this is a place where long lasting friendships are made. And I’m here to give you the confidence you deserve,” Kaylee says.

Klaws by Kaylee is located inside Visions Salon & Spa located at 25806 US-119N, Suite B1 in Belfry, Kentucky. Give Kaylee a call at 606-625-2977. You’ll also find the business on Facebook.

Nail photos from Klaws by Kaylee Facebook page.

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