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July is Independent Business Month

As convenient as big-box corporate stores might be, they have also had devastating impacts on small, independent, locally-owned businesses through the years, and when these businesses suffer, so do their communities. That’s how July became Independent Business Month, a time designed to celebrate the important role that these independent businesses have within their communities. 

Money Back Into the Community 

First and foremost, local, indie businesses bring money into their community, plain and simple. features a variety of statistics on their site, starting with the fact that, for every $100 spent at a local business, that’s $68 going right back into the community. In contrast, the same website suggests that just $0.06 of a dollar spent at a big box store stays in the area. 

To add to that, every dollar spent at an indie retailer is typically spent between 6 to 15 times within the community before heading out of town– that means supporting just one indie business helps to support others as well! 

Giving Money to People Like You 

It’s also important to acknowledge that, while money spent at the big box stores goes straight into the pockets of wealthy CEOs living far away, while money spent at a local indie retailer gives money to people just like you: people who are supporting their families, and who will use that money to buy their dinner, their kids’ school supplies, or even to reinvest it in the community. 

Right now, you’re probably saying “alright, alright, I get it! But how can I use this month as an opportunity to support indie businesses?” Good question! The answer is pretty simple! Choose to give your attention and money to local businesses, before heading to the big box stores. We aren’t saying you have to never step foot in a corporate grocery store again– just that it can be as simple as choosing to get what you can from local businesses before giving your money to big business. 

No matter what you are looking for, Williamson and the surrounding area is full of a variety of independent businesses, giving you a variety of options. 

The Collective offers multiple shops in one convenient location, and while you’re there, you can shop everything from coffee and books to personalized gifts and home decor.   You can also check in at Melissa's Baskets Galore or shop for your pets at Sky High Geckos and Exoctics. When it comes to picking up groceries, shopping at the Williamson Farmers Market, or their new year-round indoor location, Post 49 Market.  Going out to eat? Try a locally-owned restaurant likeStarter's Sports Bar & Grill, 3 Guys Pizza and Brew, Tish’s Dishes, or 34:ate. 

This is just a few of the local choices in Williamson! Wherever you are remember to #ShopLocal


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