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#LocalBusiness: Country Roads ATV Tours

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Since May 2022, Becky and Dustin Maynard have been offering top-tier lodgings and a variety of tours for ATV riders visiting the trail systems around the area. Located near Delbarton, West Virginia, Country Roads ATV Tours, which was started after Dustin was laid off from his coal mining job for the last time, has been a learning experience and a labor of love for the pair. 

In addition to offering lodgings for a group of up to 10 people, Country Roads also offers a variety of different tours designed for riders at differing skill levels. Some of these tours cross through several different counties, and they even offer historic tours. “We also offer historic tours, going from trail to trail, and from Logan to Mingo County, stopping at multiple museums and historic sites along the way,” Becky says. “We always give each machine a free Hatfield and McCoy Bloodlines book on this tour.” 

Meeting New People, Making New Friends 

For Becky, the best thing about what they do is getting to meet all kinds of new people. “My favorite part honestly is getting to know all of the people from across the world, who are absolutely fascinated with our area,” She says. “Some of these people have become more like family than friends. I love sharing my knowledge of this area, and just simply helping them out.” 

From maintaining lodging to running tours and more, running Country Roads is “a lot more work than people realize,” Becky says. “I’m proud of our accomplishments with lodging and tours.” 

Helping Others Succeed 

She’s also excited to see other business owners in the area succeeding. “I see many local friends and family able to create an income through the trails,” She says. “Which has really saved this area. I think we bring lots of fun. What we do brings appeal, which also helps our local shops, restaurants, and lodgings.” 

To learn more about the tours, and view photos and updates from tours in the past, check out the Country Roads ATV Tours Facebook Page. More info can also be found on their website! 

All images from Country Roads ATV Tours Facebook page.

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