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Massage by Pam Mobile Massage Therapy

Feeling tightness and tension in your shoulders? Pain in your back? Feeling stressed during back to school season? Are you a business owner looking to offer massage as part of your workplace wellness program? If you answered yes to any of these questions, local business Massage by Pam Mobile Massage Therapy, owned by Pam Ooten, might be what you need.

Pam offers different types of massage to meet all of her clients needs. She currently offers deep tissue massage, reflexology, Swedish massage, and has been trained extensively in massage to target back and neck pain, thoracic massage, sports massage, and upper extremities massage.

Pam isn’t sure why she got into massage therapy, but she is sure of the effect it’s had on her life. “Along the way it has grown, and I’ve met some really great people,” She says. “I’ve been able to help a lot of great people . It just seemed to flourish in its own way.”

She loves the chance to see her clients feel better and more ready to do what they need to do. “I love seeing someone feel so much better, and being more mobile without pain when we’re through,” She says. She also enjoys the chance to bring such an important resource to folks in the area, instead of seeing them drive miles and miles to get the relief they’re seeking “I’m trying to bring things to this area that most would have to drive long distances to do.”

As a mobile massage therapist, Pam is able to offer massages in a variety of settings. Pam travels to business settings for workplace wellness programs and lodging businesses as an extra amenity for guests. Recently, she has worked with businesses along the Hatfield McCoy Trail systems to offer massage therapy to visitors in the area enjoying off-road adventures.

Need more information on Massage by Pam ? Visit her business page on Facebook to learn more and book an appointment.

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